The Imperial Fist Chapter’s 5th company, known as “The Heralds of Truth”, have a penchant for long-range firepower and marksmanship which goes beyond the norm for other sons of Dorn. Currently lead by Captain Dravastis Fane, the company consists of more devastators and dreadnoughts than of the other Imperial Fist battle companies. These elements are used to brutal effects in overlapping fields of fire and carefully orchestrated killzones overseen from masterfully fortified positions. Recently deployed to Vigilus, the 5th company has been engaged in a war of attrition with many enemies of the Imperium. This has seen mass reinforcements sent to reinforce their ranks; subsequently, the entirety of the 5th company now consists of Primaris Space marines. These new recruits keep true to the teachings of their primarch Rogal Dorn and carry out the will of their honored Chapter Master, and previous 5th company Captain, Vorn Hagen.

Known Campaigns

  • 544.M32: The Imperial Fists suffer greatly during the War of the Beast. Nearly the entire chapter is annihilated by the Orks on the world of Ardamantua just during the war against the Xenorace Chromes. The only known survivor was the badly injured Koorland. In the aftermath of the debacle, Koorland enacts Rogal Dorn’s secret “Last Wall Protocol”, which calls for all of the Imperial Fists successors to meet in the Phall System and combine as a Legion once more should Terra come under dire threat. The Black Templars, Fists Exemplar, Crimson Fists, Iron Knights, and Excoriators all rendezvous at Phall. The Fists and their successors would take the lead in the campaign, saving Terra from an Attack Moon, recovering the Primarch Vulkan, attacking the Beast’s capital of Ullanor, and founding the Deathwatch. During the second invasion of Ullanor, Koorland is killed by The Beast and with him the Imperial Fists are apparently extinct. They would have remained so had Fists Exemplar Chapter Master Maximus Thane not rebuilt the Chapter by having each of the Imperial Fists Second Founding Successors contribute a portion of their strength. Thane became the new Chapter Master of the resurgent Imperial Fists. The destruction and subsequent rebuilding of the Fists was kept from the larger Imperium. In the aftermath of the war, Thane declared that the Fists would no longer remain sentinel on Terra but instead embark on the Phalanx in a Crusade against mankinds enemies.
  • The Scouring of Vernalis: Task Force Gauntlet liberates the planet of Vernalis from Chaos. The Task Force is composed of elements of the 10th, 5th, and 1st companies and defeats a warband of Roaring Blades and Emperor’s Children under the command of Arch Traitor Sybaris.
  • Battle of Mithron: The Imperial Fists 5th Company is destroyed defending the shrine world of Mithron, home to the sacred Liber Mithros, from Chaos daemons and Black Legion Chaos Space Marines. However, two survivors manage to keep the artifact secure and are rescued by a force of Ultramarines.
  • 968.M41: 5th and 9th Companies are deployed to Khai-Zhan to suppress the Khai-Zhan Uprising alongside four Cadian Imperial Guard Regiments. The Imperial Fists force is decisive in countering the Night Lords taking part in the uprising and lays siege to the heavily fortified citadel the Palace of Peace.
  • M42: The War of Beasts on Vigilus. 3 Companies and 1 demi-company under 5th Company Captain Dravastis Fane is sent to the warzone.